How To Make Money With Google Alerts !

How To Make Money With Google Alerts !

So, how do we make money with google alerts?

You are most likely aware that blogs and articles usually have a comment section under them. We want to use them to share value and then link to our lead magnet, to bring them into our email list. I recommend builderall and getresponse for the tools needed.

We will go onto the biggest blogs in our niche and then turn on google alerts for these blogs. A lot of these blogs get large amounts of traffic, so if you can be one of the first ones in the comments, you can potentially gather a lot of leads and make some affiliate sales from clickbank etc, later on. Don't forget to bring them value.


Step 1.

Pick your niche. Find a niche where you can promote a good amount of products. Not just 1-3. Preferably 10 in my opinion. Get inspiration from clickbank and search for affiliate products on google.


Step 2.

Find a freebie/lead magnet for your niche that's preferably related to the article, but at least to the niche of course. You can use free plr ebooks, but get creative and search on google for different types of lead magnets. Like cheatsheets and infographics... Then make a landing page using either getresponse or builderall (watch tutorial on youtube).


Step 3.

Set up an affiliate funnel, where you promote an affiliate product at the thank you page of the free lead magnet. Videos work best for this, and an honest recommendation.


Step 4.

Once you have your email automations setup (watch youtube guides) and your simple funnel. It's time to go to articles in your niche and turn on the google alerts for them. This will make it so that google will give you a notification whenever one of these blogs post an article, so you can be one of the first ones to show up.


Step 5.

For the commenting part, leave a valuable comment. Not just ''Great read. By the way check out my free...''. You want to read the whole article. At least skim through it, and show in the comment small details that indicate that you actually read it, and then bring value. Then make a slight recommendation to your free lead magnet or whatever. Not salesy at all. It should also flow naturally in your text. As if you accidentally remembered your lead magnet and decided to recommend it.

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