How To Make 20$ Per Day using Facebook

How To Make 20$ Per Day using Facebook

In short, what we're going to do is create a basic wordpress blog ranking things/places/people/you name it and sharing the link on Facebook with a screenshot to trigger emotions of fans of those things and hence harvesting their passion to make them visit your blog.

Things you need :

  • A domain
  • Any basic wordpress theme and wordpress hosting
  • A plugin that allows to host ranking/voting for multiple options
All you need to do is create a ranking/voting post. For example : Best football team in the world. After this you just need to take a screenshot of your post (example attached below) and make picture comments on multiple football pages/groups with a caption seeking their attention. Something like : "Manchester United is trailing, cast your vote in order to make them win". This will go on all pages and groups related to Manchester United. You can use a similar caption on pages and groups related to Barcelona "Make sure Barcelona keeps the lead, vote now." so on and so forth with other teams as well. Along with this caption, attach a short link to your blog post. And bam, watch your visitor count shoot up.

You can use Adsense and any other ad network that pays on CPM basis to earn revenue from this blog.

Disclosure : I've used this method in the past and was able to sell that website for $2500 only after 3 months. I wasn't sure if this still works but came across something similar recently and thought this might be useful to some newbies here, just starting out. You can use this way of 'Passion Harvesting' in a lot more ways if you apply your own twists.

You can scale this up using multiple profiles once you generate some revenue, but you can start slow, with just 4-5 profiles, running on your home IP without any problems. Make a comment using one profile and like that comment from other 4 profiles so that your comment gets pushed to the top and stays there. Just don't go hardcore, spamming a lot of pages in quick succession. That's the beauty of this method, you don't need a lot of spamming, you'll get decent amount of visitors with few comments.

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