RuBot Twitch Viewbot Full Download

RuBot Twitch Viewbot Full Download 

RBTools v6.1.6  


#-Setup guide
Step 1: Open the RuBot Tools.exe
Step 2: Click "Twitch"
Step 3: From there you can choose to set up chatbots, viewbots, or a proxy grabber (Proxy grabber currently not working)
#-Viewbot guide
Step 1: For proxy list contact Wafflez or one of our support team on discord
Step 5: In the "Viewers section" select what type of proxies your using (SOCKS5) and enter the channel name
Step 6: Slide the slider to how many viewers you want to receive (I'd reccomend setting it to 1500 to get as much viewers)
Step 7: Watch your viewer count go up!



RBTools v6.1.6  RuBot Twitch Viewbot

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